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The Breakfast Goddess


‘Goddess of Plenty’ acrylic by Liz D’Aste

We named CEREAL after her! She was the Roman Goddess of agriculture, the semi-equivalent of the Greek Demeter. And now, as we speak, she is causing quite a stir in the astronomical circles, thanks to her namesake – Ceres, the largest of the asteroids orbiting the Sun between Mars and Jupiter. She has even recently been upgraded to ‘Dwarf Planet’ and is called a ‘proto planet’.

The Dawn Spacecraft has recently sent back some astonishing pictures. Shown on the photos are highly luminous spots that appear on and in some of the craters on Ceres. So far, the astro -physicists are baffled but have some working theories.

For those who think symbolically, this new discovery can indicate that humanity’s attention is being called to Ceres for a reason. A picture is worth a thousand words and our subconscious mind deals in pictures. While the conscious mind starts trying to reason it all out in a scientific or logical way, our subconscious mind just gets what the picture means and how it is connected to the bigger picture.

Lets recap, the components of the picture are: a ‘Dwarf Planet’, named Ceres after the Goddess of Grain and Fertility, orbiting between Jupiter and Mars, largest body of the asteroid belt, photographed by the DAWN Spacecraft and showing unusual bright spots.

To begin with, a big space rock that has been upgraded to small planet, can be pointing to something that we thought was insignificant becoming more prominent in our collective consciousness. The Asteroid belt has never been given the significance that planets have but now we may have to pay more attention.

This small planet was named Ceres. According to Wiki, the name Ceres supposedly comes from a Proto-Indo European root meaning ‘to feed or the satiate’. Ceres is a symbol for food staples, like cereal, as well as its cultivation.

OK, perhaps something that we thought was insignificant about the production of our food requires our attention and  is actually very important. After all, Ceres was one of the 12 gods and goddesses on Mount Olympus.

Now anything between 2 points can be seen as a bridge or a meeting place. Jupiter is the Chief of the Gods and Mars is the Warrior. One is about seeing the big picture and the other is about initiative. This speaks of using our personal drive to expand our awareness. Possibly to do with what we eat or how we produce it?

The next part had me quoting Alice – ‘curiouser and curiouser’. The spacecraft that photographed the luminous spots on Ceres is called Dawn. These two factors go hand in hand. Perhaps, something will ‘dawn’ on us and ‘illuminate’ us concerning our questionable agricultural methods such as GMO crops, DNA manipulation of insects and artificial fertilizers. These practices would piss of any self-respecting grain goddess – right?

To see the bright spots for yourself, here is the link on youtube:

One interesting historical note, which ties in nicely, is that Thomas Jefferson was sworn into office within months of the discovery of the Ceres in 1801.  Jefferson was a more than avid farmer and championed the regular farmer. During his term of office the USA made the Louisiana Purchase of some of the most fertile lands in America and the major grain producer today.

When the DAWN spacecraft began its orbit around Ceres (March 6, 2015), she was in Capricorn, the sign of government and practical initiative. Recently, the USDA has made an initiative to partner with schools to provide a healthier lunch menu for the nations children. Thank you Ceres! Something does seem to be ‘dawning’.

I wonder whether, a major piece of the puzzle will appear when Ceres journeys through Aquarius, the sign of dissemination of knowledge and progressive ideas/inventions, from the 28th of October – 28th of January 2016.

At the moment, the experts are still mystified by the bright spots and the most recent pictures of Ceres are really intriguing. It looks as if the light is coming from underneath the surface. Wouldn’t that be awe-inspiring!

PS: They also discovered a strange pyramid like structure with bright sides that looks like it was just plopped onto the surface. I hear pyramid and I think secret ancient technology. Perhaps the subject for a future post…

Please let me know what you think the lights may be or symbolize.



I am a Saturn Survivor…


Saturn has a dry sense of humour…

Hello everyone, if indeed there is anyone still out there after my 2 year silence…my apologies if you were enjoying my scribbling’s and lucky you, if not. :)

Well, I am just mopping up after my second Saturn Return which was an experience and a half and then some. But I have Saturn in crisis orientated SCORPIO anyway – so no surprises there.

But I will back up a moment and give a quick recap for any of you that may not be familiar with the ‘famous’ Saturn return or even, for that matter, the planet Saturn.

How about if we strip everything away and just say that SATURN is astro code for the principle of contraction.  Open your hand – that’s Jupiter, close your hand – that is Saturn. That makes Saturn the ‘reality maker’ in each of us. We close or contract our field of energy around a thought/feeling form and make it real to ourselves. That is one of the reasons that Saturn exalts (works most positively) in the sign of Libra. The SCALES can represent legal contracts and closings – we shake hands and say it is now done, it’s real, it will have consequences…

The astronomers have discovered that Saturn is not alone in having rings but Saturn’s rings are certainly the most dense and obvious to the naked eye. But the symbolism is beautiful, eh? The symbol of contraction surrounded by dense rings made up of rock and ice.

Now, I am afraid that I must diverge here for a moment to air a point that I think is missed over and over in these ‘rationed’ times of scientific materialism. What if, when ASTROLOGY was being formulated, the people at the time did not experience the material world the way we do now. What if they understood something completely different about the phenomenal world around us. For a start, they called it phenomena. The word phenomena from the Greek phainomenon means “that which appears or is seen.

Perhaps it was not as real, hard, factual and permanent as we are told it is in this day and age. Let’s imagine that to them, the visible was primarily symbolic, messages from the spirit world, games played by the gods, reflections of inner states or signs and portents. What seemed to be important to these people was their relationship to spirit in whatever form including gods, ancestors, demons, daimons, faerie, jinn, angels and so on.

The impression I get from history (and herstory) is that our ancient ancestors did not value an individual physical life in the way we do now. Slavery was the norm, as was putting people to death at the whim of the rulers. Dying in glorious battle was a good thing, the Japanese committed ritual suicide to avoid shame and what about the stories of killing defective babies by the Spartans in ancient Greece?

The understanding that the material world around us is not as solid or permanent as we are taught to believe is still, in my opinion, at the base of understanding what we astrologers work with.

When a serious astrologer talks about Saturn or any other celestial phenomena, including planet earth most of us do not concern ourselves with the physical issue of how or whether the actual gas giant is sending mysterious rays down into planet earth and causing  Auntie Em to pop her clogs. We leave that to the scientists of the future.

Astrologers work with what these planets SYMBOLIZE and the universal, omnipresent forces that they symbolize are yet to be measured. Once the material scientists can measure such potent and I might add, omnipresent forces such as LOVE, then perhaps…

OK, point made and back to the Saturn Return. Saturn has a 29 1/2 year cycle which brings it back at that age and again at 58 years, to its position it held on the day and hour you were born. That means that amongst other cycles, the symbolism is telling us that for a cycle of CONTRACTION to complete itself on planet earth,  29 1/2 years (with a build up and a release) must go by before a new cycle can be properly initiated.

Personally, this means that in the first 29 years of your life your ‘reality tunnel’ (which may have been constructed by default from your family, school, social conditioning, past life leftovers, birth traumas and joys that hooked your attention and set your survival commands) can be taken onto a new level. Hopefully, onto a more conscious level.

Now at 29, the party is over (or if you are awake – just beginning) and you are given an opportunity to take responsibility and begin to build a manifested reality of your own choosing. Most people choose not to, because it requires facing your fears or going back to square one and at that time of life most of us are up to our eyeballs in pressing material concerns such as making money, taking on a mortgage or rent, children, marriages and building careers. And all the time, unconsciously, building our adult lives on the foundations of old conditioning.

The opportunity then passes and we continue to build on the foundations of the previous cycle. Usually, this cycle has nothing to do with what we ourselves as individuals really want to create in our lives. We convince ourselves to accept reality the way it is and just get on with it. That is what grown-ups and good citizens do, right?  But all is not lost.

We get another opportunity at the next Saturn return which occurs around age 58-60. Unfortunately, by now, some but not all, have let their survival fears grow into Godzilla sized proportions, so much so that all they care and obsess about is safe guarding their retirement accounts. I am aware that I am generalizing but these fears are in all of us, albeit in different emotional proportions.

Saturn doesn’t sound like much fun, I know. Yet, Saturnian energy properly and positively utilized can be the most fun of all. After all, we are talking about THE reality maker, the part of us that can actualize our goals and desires.

Of course, there is that little caveat about first having to face your fears ( making them conscious) and seeing them for what they are – little corrupt danger programs that have become big hungry programs sucking our energy in secret and creating a ton of resistance every time we want to act outside of our conditioning.

Whatever you try to construct in your reality will be sabotaged by any fear and resistance lurking in the shadows. That is why the energy in these programs must be released first and then used to build new constructive programs.

Think about a habit you have, something you have been doing for years, which means something you have been feeding energy to via attention and action. Now, just stop doing it for a month. That part of you that has been formed out of that habit will not just go quietly. It can and will use many different strategies to resume the status quo. It may lay in wait for a moment of weakness and throw in a desire so strong that you can’t resist. It may threaten you with feelings of arising rage, make you sick or even attract those who will tempt you back to the habit. You know the drill, you have been there a million times.

What you may not fully appreciate is that since you created these habits to begin with – you have the power to uncreate them. The main mistakes that many people make is that, firstly, they underestimate the power trapped within these sub-entities. Hence, once they begin to release they think 5 minutes is enough time to deal with them. Secondly, they believe that these unconscious forces could not possibly exist without them being aware of them. In a way, that is true but what we get fooled by is the mask of the habit rather than its true identity.

For example, when I was a smoker, I was convinced that cigarettes were my friend (the mask), helping me to keep my intense emotions under control. When I finally saw what the habit truly was and managed to convince myself of this truth (this was the hard part), I was able to stop overnight and actually enjoy the detox!

The process required  to release the energy is not a walk in the park and if you are not thorough and release it all then these psychological programs can just retreat into the shadows and re-establish themselves.  The ancients called these psychological forms – demons. All the bits of our psyche that we reject, resist and…well…demonize.

In my experience, I had to feel the feelings until I no longer felt any resistance to them. For me, the technique is to practice non resistence and totally embrace the energy as it returns despite its intensity or its form. Even when the form could have established itself in childhood and now seems impossible to take seriously with an adult mind set.

Take for instance, the feeling of fear associated with being without my nicotine crutch. Yet, what was this really, except a small immature part of myself that held onto the illusion that she was emotionally unsupported. In the end, the  overall release is unconditional love and forgiveness. But you have to really mean it! Watch out for those false summits…

And how do you know when you have reached the metaphorical top of the mountain? Instantaneous change – problem solved – bad guy exits the scene – smoking habit gone. When you have truly forgiven the results are astonishing and obvious.

These ‘demons’ are as invasive as cockroaches, clever as rodents, poisonous as spiders and slithery as snakes. AND they are very clever at getting us to identify with their form (definition) and then resist the energy trying to break out of that form. Divide and rule anyone? We forget how much time and energy we spend during our youth (and life)complaining to ourselves, feeding self pity and judging ourselves and others. And the pressure builds and builds, all the time reinforcing the fears.

Never forget though that though the FORM is not you – the ENERGY animating the form is. For example: Take a very common form, one that is repressed and feared by many, many people. It goes like this: ‘I am not entitled to be free’. Look around at all those trapped in jobs, marriages, parental obligations, financial conditions or political systems that they hate. At a certain level of awareness that is a blatant lie, after all who is the one handing out the entitlements?

But in practice this is a very highly emotionally charged, unconscious and irrational mental habit. Every time that form is reinforced in your life, that’s another bit of your energy locked away, unable to serve you. As the saying goes – what the thinker thinks, the prover proves.

OK! Yes, we are still discussing the principle of contraction. This is where Saturn gets a bad rap when the Old Goat pushes us to respond to our fears. Who wants to concentrate or contract their attention on something that has the properties of roaches, rodents, spiders and snakes? No one in their right mind? Right? Except perhaps Harry Potter – EXPELIAMOS! And like most saviors the idea and the hope is that he kills the grand daddy of all demons (Voldemort, Satan, Beelzebub, Ravana, Sauron, Darth Vader, the DEVIL) and lets the rest of us off the hook. ‘Fraid not.

More Saturnian bad news – we are all responsible for our own demons. We are all here to learn to love ourselves unconditionally. Once we do that Saturn turns creative, it now can work with energy that is free of liens and mortgages to fear based beliefs.

It is all there in the order of the Zodiac. Find and face the shadow – SCORPIO. Intend your individual freedom – SAGITTARIUS. Build a new reality – Saturn ruled CAPRICORN.

One thing I discovered working with these principles during my second Saturn return was an underlying terror of FREEDOM and the responsibility that goes with it. When you are free you need to have the confidence that you can indeed respond to anything and everything that crosses your path. What is it then – are we wanting Freedom or are we wanting freedom from something?

The new Saturn cycle began for me as an invitation. As soon as Saturn entered Scorpio, I began to feel that something was coming to an end. It just happened to be my life in the UK but I did not know it yet. I was being invited to begin a completely new life, but whether I actually accepted the invitation was still anyone’s guess at the time.

My natal Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio. Any decent astrology book will tell you that Scorpio is the sign of death and rebirth, crisis, transformation, extremes, intensity and so on. The small print on the invitation, mentions the facing fears bit and the very small print covers the snakes, rodents, roaches and spiders. Avada Kedavra!

People born with Saturn in other signs will experience their Saturn return according to the sign, house and aspects of their Saturn placement. What they will all have in common is that the during this time the person will experience a contraction and an invitation to focus and take responsibility for the fears surrounding the issues of their Saturn’s house and sign.

Well, I took the invitation, left my marriage, career, home, dear friends and moved into a house in the sub tropics complete with every creepy crawly imaginable. At the time I did not feel that I had a choice, my options felt closed down which is very typical of Saturn. And for the next 18 months is was nose to the grindstone, grinding down all my resistance and fears in letting go of the old Liz.

It did not matter that I knew Astrology and what was going on. Astrological knowledge is not to be used for avoidance but it can raise the whole experience onto a very positive level, increasing the likelihood of a beneficial win-win for everyone involved. I think, without the understanding I had, I would have become seriously ill with the stress.

It is erroneous to think that just because you know something intellectually, you will act accordingly when you are actually put to the test. In order to do that you have to UNDERSTAND which means that you know something experientially. And to know something experientially you have to feel it – fears and all. Standing on the sidelines doesn’t cut it. You have to jump into the drama and play your part. This is the essence of LEO the LION which is the flip side of the other Saturn ruled sign – Aquarius. Astrology is telling us its takes heart and courage to experience life to its fullest.



Aging Sun

Transit of Venus

Aging Sun

Not out of my shell on this day

the pull shields me here for now

when the outside is transparent

will the reflection show me how?

Oh the notes the smells and colors

how they think they need me so,

for this lucid menial daydream,

is opaque in the mind of the crow

whimsical thoughts pace by my eye

but my other is looking at you.

Now in your sight I see clear ,

so I perceive my perception is true.

I have not a meaning to bare.

Purpose blows away my mind

I know nothing of the aging sun

but my shadow and its outline

Aiden Sims

Big Solstice Moon


So what’s the big deal with this Moon? Well it’s a bigun – it is a Moon that is in its perigee – the point in its orbit nearest the Earth – and happening so close to the Summer Solstice – only 2 days after on the 23rd of June. That doesn’t happen that often.

Apparently, the best time to see it will be on the evening of the 22nd of June – fingers crossed it is not cloudy where you are.

The Summer Solstice has always been important. It is the time of year that the days on Earth begin to shorten again and the Sun goes into the sign of Cancer the Crab. Symbolically, we can say that this signifies that the light of awareness, as represented by the Sun – now comes to us through our family, past and domestic affairs. It is a good time to act from the heart and express our bona fide feelings.

When the Moon is at its closest to the Earth we have a period of higher tides. Psychologically, it signifies a stronger pull on our emotions and will have a noticeable affect on those who express themselves through feeling.

In Astrology, the Moon rules Cancer meaning that when we express nurture and act on our feelings we do this through our receptive, personal lunar level of awareness as portrayed by the Moon.

We can see that such a ‘SuperMoon’ as this moon puts a strong emphasis on issues to do with ‘feeling’. Under this umbrella we can include such concepts as ‘home’, belonging, one’s country, community, security, the father or ‘Fatherland’, protection and the economy which sees to the day to day living of the people.

But there is a more significant side to this event. This pull can be quite powerful  and it can trigger a great release of energy. I think the Earth just goes with this and cracks earthquakes, groans and blows out a volcano in response.

Sometimes these geological events affect people exactly at a Cancerian level, destroying homes, families and disrupting the economy.

But psychologically a person’s reaction to a pull can be one of resistance and then something is going to give in a more dramatic fashion. Simple mechanics…

I am reminded of the advice I was given as a child when swimming in the ocean. I was told if a big wave comes, allow yourself to rise with the swell otherwise the wave could either knock you over or drag you under.

Personally, my advice to all you sensitive souls is to let your feelings flow over the weekend of the solstice. Release the energy consciously and on purpose; sing, dance, paint, cry and take care of others.  Oh yes, and, avoid traveling near to any active volcanoes!

Power verses Revolution

Uranus vs Pluto Liz D'Aste

Uranus vs Pluto
Liz D’Aste

‘Power gained is power maintained’ is a saying that came to my mind as we move into the second phase of the Pluto/Uranus square. For those of you not familiar with astrological technique, this means that the planet Uranus and the ‘dwarf’ planet Pluto are making a hard 90 degree angle to each other from the perspective of the ecliptic (the path the earth takes around the sun).

As some of you may remember from a previous post of mine  – a similar aspect between these 2 planets occurred back in the 1930’s during the rise of the Third Reich. A square between outer planets can take years to complete due to their retrograde motion and slow progression through the signs.  This particular one started last year, near exactitude during the Olympics and Jubilee in the UK and will square exactly 6 times ending in March 2016.

Now the second square is upon us which came into orb (meaning close enough to have an affect) April 13, will be exact in May and then wane in June 2013. This will mark the beginning of  power versus revolution – phase 2. Phase 3 begins September 13 and finishes in December.

Whomever may have decided to hitch their wagon to this square in order to enhance their power is just getting started. That disturbing Olympic ceremony sounded the ‘Do’ and now we have the next note.

Almost like clockwork we have the bomb going off in Boston on the Ides of April with the Sun in combative Aries and the Moon in divisive Gemini. Nice symbolism…’Divide and Conquer’…and how Roman! Makes me think of how another Roman organization is doing a hell of a P.R. job to maintain its power base.

90 degree angled squares in astrology signify conflict, on the one hand, and constructive action, on the other. They are associated with the planet Mars who governs over victory and defeat. The Romans were huge fans of this god of war and since Mars sired the twins, Romulus and Remus, the Romans were his children.

Yesterday during the marathon bombing, Mars was in his own sign of Aries and exactly conjunct the Sun, making him particularly powerful. But I digress…

It all boils down to Pluto being in a Martial relationship with Uranus. At the moment we are living with the consequences of the revolutionary forces on the side of Uranus standing up to the old established ‘powers that be’ that are represented by Pluto, currently going through the hierarchical sign of Capricorn.

And despite of all this apparently needless martial destruction there is some constructive action being taken, even though the media rarely reports it. For instance, have you heard of the Beacon Food Forest?

Beacon Food Forest is a 7-acre food forest in development on Beacon Hill in Seattle, Washington. By the design of the project, and as the area is on public land, food in the edible forest section of the project will be available freely to those visiting the park.

Free food! How revolutionary is that? I remember someone writing that we humans are the only animals on the planet who have to pay for their food.

It behooves all of us to frequent the good news sites as often as we can to understand how biased towards the negative the ordinary media is. They really do believe that bad news and breasts will always sell newspapers. But what happens when newspapers become a thing of the past – and the days of media Plutocrats finally come to an end?

Meanwhile, as the ordinary media is trying to get us all to keep our focus on the destructive aspects of this particular war between 2 gods, I believe that rising out from the grass-roots are the constructive revolutionaries who are busy guerrilla gardening, creating eco homes and ‘permaculturing’. This will have a bigger impact this time around because rather than it being imposed from ‘above’ it is occurring organically.

So long and thanks for all the fish!

Are we about to witness the last of the Fishermen? I am referring of course to the Popes as the fishers of men or the Captains of the ‘Bark of St. Peter’ – bark meaning boat and St. Peter was a fisherman as well as the first Pope.

Pope Benedict actually used that expression in his resignation speech – here is the excerpt:

…”However, in today’s world, subject to so many rapid changes and shaken by questions of deep relevance for the life of faith, in order to govern the bark of Saint Peter and proclaim the Gospel, both strength of mind and body are necessary, strength which in the last few months, has deteriorated in me to the extent that I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.”…

The ROMAN Catholic Church is about to get a new captain and according to the Malachy Prophecy this will be the last Pope – number 112.

Ratzinger/Benedict, by the way, fits the 111th prophecy of Malachy – the ‘Glory of the Olive’ having taken the name of the previous Pope Benedict who was known as the Pope of peace during WWI. The olive plant is a symbol of peace.

Only 3 popes have been to Jerusalem since Israel became a state. It seems that Benedict XVI is the only one of those popes to give a mass at the Mount of Olives.  A custom made altar, complete with a red throne was erected specially for the event near where the Garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the Mount of Olives was supposed to be. It was certainly erected to ‘Glorify his Oliveness’!

According to Drunvalo Melchizedek in the ‘Serpent of Light’ page 88, a triple 1 (prophecy #111) signifies Energy flow. Whenever one consciously clocks the triple 1,  it means energy moving location or shifting into something new. Ironically, Ratzinger is an Aries – the number 1 in the zodiac.

Perhaps the next and supposedly last Pope #112 may signify where the energy goes.

Here is what Malachy prophecied about him:

“In the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church, there will sit [i.e., as bishop].

Peter the Roman, who will pasture his sheep in many tribulations:

and when these things are finished, the

city of seven hills will be destroyed,

and the terrible judge will judge his people.

The End.”

On the day of the Pontiff’s  resignation there will be 5 bodies in Pisces, including the Sun. Pisces represents the Holy Sea, the ocean, faith, the universal field etc.

The sign Pisces rules such things as retreating from public view, escapism, illusion, hidden enemies and spiritual prowess. On a more positive note, Pisces rules compassion, letting go, spiritual union and the universal field.

The Fishes are dual, one swims into the material world, one out. But one thing for certain – the Fishes are anti-material, they represent the omega, the end of a cycle – the final dissolution.

It is interesting to note that aspect pattern shape ( all the coloured lines) seems to create a pictogram of a boat (Bark of St. Peter?), with Jupiter at the top of the mast. Remember that the time for this resignation was chosen by someone, perhaps the pope himself.




The Sun is located in the (KOCH system) 6th house of health, work and service which shows that these concerns are certainly an ingredient of the event. But Mercury conjunct Mars in Pisces  present can point to deception and a private purpose factoring in.

Rising in the East is the sign of Libra. Libra, the Scales, speaks of balance, fairness or compromise but it can also represent strategic maneuvers and manipulation.

Jupiter, meaning of ‘ JU – Pater’ – Zeus the Father,  is located at the top of the chart. This means that it is the most visible aspect of the day. Representing the Pope, of course it is! Keep in mind that Jupiter is also the JUDGE.

In Astrology, Jupiter as the ruler of Sagittarius is associated with The Law, Judgement, Morality and Religion. As the ruler of Pisces he governs over the (Holy) Sea, representing the ocean of human experience, hidden inner worlds and spiritual power.

Amazingly, in this chart, Jupiter is located in the 9th house of religion (!) giving more weight to the proposition that astrology was used in choosing the timing of the resignation. What is more, Jupiter is in the sign of the TWINS, the sign which astrology tells us is Jupiter’s detriment. In other words, Jupiter don’t feel so good in Gemini and can therefor be a ‘terrible judge’ as in the prophecy.

There are many interesting connections between the symbolism of Jupiter and the symbolism of the Pontiff (from PONTifex=Bridge-Maker)

The Pope calls himself the Holy See – Jupiter, the principle of expansion, represents ‘seeing’ the whole picture.

The Pope represents St. Peter who was a fisher man and Jupiter rules Pisces, the sign of the fishes.

St. Peter was taught to be a fisher of men by the avatar (JC) of the Age of Pisces.

‘POPE’ means Father and Jupiter means God the Father.

The pope used to be carried in a Sedia Gestatoria – a throne carried by 12 footmen. The planet Jupiter takes 12 years to circle the Sun spending a year in each zodiacal sign. Jupiter was depicted sitting on a throne as the King of Mount Olympus surrounded by a pantheon of 12 gods and goddesses, counting Pluto who remained in the underworld but was nevertheless Jupiter’s brother and a hidden member of the pantheon.

How very fitting then, is that tucked away at the bottom of the chart, at the most invisible, is Jupiter’s brother Pluto! Pluto is like the tiger in the Life of Pi. Just a powerful force of life that can not be reasoned with, cajoled, manipulated or be sympathetic but will provoke either evolution or destruction in dealing with it. Something like this may be rising out of the collective as represented by the lower part of the circle and may bring an unexpected development.

Lastly, Saturn is worth a mention. In a chart, Saturn represents the hardest work to be done or how and where whatever or whomever is playing out this pattern has to really apply themselves and take full responsibility. After all, building a reality construct is no mean feat.

With that in mind, consider that Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio which has to do with power struggles and social resources as well as secrets, military, sex and death. Then, see that, because Saturn is in the second house of personal money, sensuality, security and values, somehow these disparate elements must be reconciled. To put it simply –  self sufficiency verses joining forces with the resources of others.

What happens when Saturn in Scorpio’s powerful  focus on transformation of power meets the intransigent demand for personal security from the house of Taurus? Well, I reckon, anything negative like greed or excessive sensuality will be brought out into the open but conversely  ruthless craving for power will have to be tested against the rights of all humans to the natural abundance of this planet which no cabal has the right to monopolize in their bid for power.

This elemental mix also suggests having to take responsibility (Saturn) concerning power over others (Scorpio) which now has come home to threaten the perpetrators own security and comfort (Taurus).

What has that got to do with the Catholic Church? You know, the Institution aka a church, aka, a small country, aka where all the power of the Roman Empire went, aka extremely wealthy corporation? Reminds me of being a little girl in church on Sunday being told to put pennies and odd change into the poor box as the alter boy lugged away baskets full of tax free cash from the Sunday collection.

Cynicism aside, the chart does suggest a theme of personal power and social power tied up in the strategic moves (Libra) of the game the Church is playing on the world chess board. An imbalance has occurred that must be redressed as suggested by both the Moon and the Rising degree in Libra the sign of balance, diplomacy, contracts … but most importantly LOVE.

(PS. Thanks to Douglas Adams for the title of this piece.)


Why indeed. How can having our chart read make any difference to our lives or have any long-term impact?

Well, that is like asking how can looking at something from the outside have an impact. Ask an artist what is the point of  continually stepping back from a work in progress and why that change of perspective improves their technique. Or ask a mechanic why he has to get out of the car to fix it.

We are artists, all of us. Whether we know it or not we are creating our lives as we live them. We are making moment to moment decisions on where to invest our energy and thereby directing our actions  – whether we are conscious of this or not.

What if you could step back from your life and see how you are using your psychological functions in an objective way – without judgement? What if you were handed a piece of paper showing the palette of energies you use to paint the picture of your life? What if you could compare what you have been doing with the tools at your disposal with their actual potential?

If you are not aware that there is a higher rung on the ladder you are climbing – how are you going to know if no one tells you? Hope you stumble on it by accident?

How useful would it be to be able to see what is challenging you and by understanding the challenge you can change the nature of the game?

I remember somebody telling me that they had taught themselves German so they could read the mystical writings of Jakob Boehme in the language he wrote it. I asked why wouldn’t a good translation  give them the same understanding. They replied that only in the German language could certain concepts be communicated.

This fascinated and intrigued me. Language is sound and vibration – when we listen, certain combinations of vibrations will give rise to certain feelings – just like different styles of music.

Then it struck me that SYMBOLS are like vibrational shapes – a silent visual language that vibrates at a purely ideational level compared to music and spoken language which vibrate at the feeling level.

Coming back to Astrology, imagine a symbolic language that can communicate to you in an abstract  (higher mental) level how you can become more skillful at using the functions, talents and inner relationships that you came to play out in this life. Once a concept enters at this level, it is just a matter of time before it trickles down to the ordinary level of material constructs.

Think about why spiritual practices always include meditating on symbols like mandalas, letters, crosses and so on. Symbols are put in very visible places where they will be repetitively encountered by folk, influencing them without their conscious awareness.

Astrology and its rich symbolic components can actually increase your level of perception. Studying any art or science that requires synthesis of disparate concepts will make you more intelligent.

Also, just like an artist has to limit his/her palette – imagine trying to paint a picture using all the colours – we souls are born to a moment in time which limits the vibrations we use to experience our lives. This restricted palette of vibrations or feelings allows us to have a specific experience which can then become part of us permanently. Perhaps that is an insight into the expression, ‘building character’.

Knowing your birth chart gives you access to exactly what you are working with this time around. As you objectively study the map of your own journey you have the opportunity to become aware of the potential of your ‘palette’, i.e.; what is possible, how it can be played with and improved. The birth chart also shows the pitfalls and what needs to be made conscious. And of course, the chart never lies – the map is neutral.

Anyone that has been on a spiritual path for enough time to know that –  it ain’t easy, would find that information invaluable.  Simply put, Astrology teaches you all about the human construct that your soul is temporarily lodging in and helps you to understand why you chose that moment in time in particular.

The word Astrology implies the ‘wisdom of the stars’ and as the saying goes ” we are star stuff”!

Alexis Orgera


Here in outer space we love repetition,
insinuation, and speaking
mechanisms like throats with glottal
stops, with vibrato, with baritone.
Outer space is stationed by soundlessness or,
closer, the precautionary hum
of a vacuum. Here in outer space when we speak
it’s as though we’ve dragged a log
five miles uphill between our teeth.
Words release wagging
and panting, the pull of poverty
in our tonsils. Here in the apex of drumbeat,
we find everyone’s a frequency
of infrared, irradiated
carpenter ants building and tearing down.
We are comforted by the repetition
of familiar. It’s us in the tinder-
box, blastoma to the eyeball.
Here in outer space we grow tumors
on our eardrums. No harm,
no foul. The black hole growths, like friends,
whisper sweet obscenities.
I can’t help but think we’re happy.
We don’t possess the ability
to curse our mothers. Here in space
we lift our legs on our enemies,
who will never be our enemies for long,
no sound keeping memory alive.
Here, we wonder if a pillow
is really just a pillow, or a thing on which
to die. We wish we were rechargeable.
The sleeper in our bed isn’t us
but a projection, a template to dream on.
I give away so many secrets!
I speak through the void, an ultraviolation,
which was never less than particle
and dimension, bodies shaped and shifted.
Racetrack.  Sentence.  Corrugate.
You think you understand something
about the universe. What a setback.
What a fatal flaw.


Good Bye Age of Pisces…

msoD06D9I haven’t posted in a while. I think that I have been in the process of digesting a hell of a lot of information as I am sure many of you can also relate. Sometimes you have to just stop and chew and chew and swallow and digest all that food for thought!

AND so much of the information is contradictory as if we are reliving some kind of modern day ‘tower of Babel’ scenario where no one is actually understanding what anyone else is saying. This is certainly a good example of the transformational energy of Pluto presently acting through Earthy Capricorn.

The reality tunnel we have been living in just finished transforming in 2012 – now it is just a matter for us to recognize the change. Believe it or not, the majority of people will not – in the same way that they don’t notice the transformation that occurs on a daily basis between waking and sleeping. They glide seamlessly from one dream to another, believing that each dream is the one that has always been.

This is neither bad nor good – it is just in the nature of things. Few want to wake up – waking up is very difficult and extremely uncomfortable for a time.

I bring this up because Reality Tunnels are the province of the old Sea Goat – Capricornus. Capricorn is the sign that begins at the winter solstice. It is the CAP of the CORN – the John Barleycorn that must die and be reborn as the SUN does every December in the Northern Hemisphere. It takes 3 days of darkness or at appearing to stand still at its lowest point for the Sun to then show a definite sign of rising in the skies again (hence xmas on the 25th, 3 full days after the solstice).

I am sure anyone doing research would have come across this ‘3 days of darkness’ scenario. Of course it is when the gates of hell open because the sun (light) is hardly there during the longest nights of the year. And please remember for all those who, like myself, were conditioned to be terrified of ‘HELL’ – hell is just unconscious, unprocessed, ignorant energy that has been locked up. The cure for anything in hell that has become ‘evil’ (living dead – LIVE backwards) is the light of consciousness.

And yes, hell is unpleasant but the more we resist it the more we give it energy. And we all do this because we just do not want to go through the highly distasteful process of bringing this emotional manure up to the surface and trans – forming it. And in case you are wondering why it has to be so unpleasant, well, you try spending all that time in the darkness being resisted and rejected and not come out howling with all your ignorance and pain. That locked up stuff is living energy – IT IS PART OF US!

msoEFE6BCapricorn is the sign that represents the combination of EARTH with ACTION. The planet Saturn which represents our intellect is the planet that ‘rules’ Capricorn. This means that we express Capricorn best through our intellectual capacity. Hence, the Sea Goat is the sign of organization, planning, ambition and response – ability. But it is with Saturn that we create a material experience. It is with Saturn that we measure what is real and not real – to us. And most importantly because Saturn works on an earthy level, the actions appear to have real solid consequences.

Now is a time for changing the form of the reality we have been constructing over the past 2, 600 years. Changing anything requires energy. Astrology teaches that there is a cornucopia of dark energy down in the Plutonic depths of Hades just ripe for the picking. In other words, if you want to ascend or rise above your present condition, the fuel you will need to do so is sitting in all that unprocessed manure we’ve been discussing.

A very good film that supports this kind of understanding is ‘What Dreams May Come’ with Robin Williams.

The fish tail on the Sea Goat was perhaps for this specific purpose; diving into the dark realms. Notice how Capricorn lost its tail in the 20th century. Before the goat can climb the mountain it must descend into hell – does this sound familiar? The myths are full of stories of gods and saviors descending into the underworld before they can complete their quest.

It is no coincidence that Saturn, Satan and Santa are similar and are key players in the birth of the Sun light or Son of Light. Remember Lucifer means light and he was also a son of God the father and the morning star. Saturn, also depicted as Father Time, is represented as an old man like Santa.

The sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan came also among them. Job 1:6
Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD. — Job 2:1
Saturn = ruler of the winter solstice, beginning of the goat sign Capricorn.  One of the oldest Scandinavian and Northern European and Christmas symbols is the YULE GOAT!
Santa = old man arriving December 25th with originally, 8 reindeer – 8 is the number of Saturn. Originating as the Dutch , Sinterklaus and his soot faced helper Black Pete (Saturn?) the mythology centers on the relationship between light and dark.
Satan = perhaps the Sun itself, Lucifer, the shining one, the morning star. And at the solstice Lucifer/Satan is spending most of his time in the dark. Hence ,it is a time to bring light into the dark and transform energy. Get those xmas lights out there into the dark! Lucifer also can be associated with Venus because Venus is called the morning star half the year but Venus is obviously not a star and mythology is not that precise. You can’t pin down symbols – they are energized forms always evolving.*
*All the heavenly bodies rose and then descended into darkness or where they could not be seen – into the UN conscious or world under the earth. Many characters were interchanged as the stories were told and passed down. There are no definitive definitions for fictional mythological characters that are thousands of years old. They are representatives of cosmic forces that have no permanent boundaries.
But the idea of Satan/Lucifer as the actual SUN ,materialized light or light fallen into a dense state and equating that with the fallen angel is very intriguing to me.

As the old reality constructs begin to disassemble themselves, communication between ourselves will become confused and belligerent. Obviously, if communication is made possible by links or established avenues and those links are temporarily severed and rerouted then we will go through a period of  jumbled communication with everyone talking and no one listening. But what is there to listen to? Tweets? One has to surf through mountains of unprocessed thinking to find any solid information based on experience gained authority.

Yet – this is also in the nature of these times we are going through. The new paradigm is not yet established. We are still creating it. And when I say ‘we’ I do not mean ourselves as egos or personalities. Only Spirit creates and only at the level of Spirit do we create. That is why when you are in the zone connected to your higher self it becomes obvious that you are creating your reality BUT when you try to control your reality from the level of the personal ego then at best it is only hit and miss.

The old Watery, Age of Pisces, reality constructs are being thrown in the cosmic tumble dryer. As they drain of water, reality will transform itself into something Aquarian – airy and less dense. Water represents experience, feelings and emotions. At its highest awareness, Water is awareness of the Universal Field. On the other hand, Air represents thought, thinking and form. Thought gives the Universal Field a form and forms. At its highest expression, the element of AIR connects us with the creator god in each of us. Think about it – everything begins as an idea or thought. Notice those two words carefully. I – DEA or I – DEO (god) and THOU – (god again) ght.

We are running headlong into a new world where through advances in technology we will indeed be obviously creating our realities. And they will be individual ones.  They always have been but we did not notice in the Pisces Age – we were too busy experiencing our creations rather than paying attention to the creating. But now, through the coming technology of virtual reality that will give birth to holo-decks for all, we will  consciously program a reality of our choice. Some folk are all ready doing this at a primitive level through cyber games like Sim City, Second Life and World of Warcraft.

Some folk, lacking imagination, may create dull games that will appear to be the same ‘ol same ‘ol. Others will create amazing realities, consciously and on purpose – it will appear to be the simplest thing to them.

While we are all plugged in playing games we will have robots taking care of the basics, like taking the very little trash out and pushing the button on the self-cleaning toilets. Of course all this will bring its own challenges and problems to overcome. Yet I like to think that this time the LIGHT will have the edge over the Dark and the games will be far more interesting than 500 ways to kill our opponents or elitist mobsters oppressing others to make themselves feel superior. Geez – we have done that storyline to death – I’ve thrown away the t-shirt.

Fruit of my Labour

Found Poem   by Ben Sims

Fruit of My Labor


In the grotto of the King,

Where the sweet-throated maidens

Of the Nobles rock and sing,

I build the chairs

Made of maples,

Split-pine soaked in gin.

I hide behind the curtains

Of pancake orange sin.

In the grotto of the King,

Where sweet-throated daughters

Of the Nobles rock and sing,

I sneak the odd


Burn purple sage at dawn.

I find the voices


Fruits of where they’re borne.

In the grotto of the King,

Where once in dreamy haze,

I took a prince’s nectarine

And my chairs were set ablaze.


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