The ‘STARS’ of the Olympics

First and foremost my discipline is Astrology so of course I drew up the charts for the upcoming Olympic events out of curiosity as well as to aid my ongoing studies. Well, I wasn’t disappointed – the symbolism is both astonishing and a bit disconcerting.

The connections between recent events, the numerology and the astrology, were so numerous it was impossible to include them all in one article. Hence, I decided to write enough of what I discovered to hopefully inspire others to do their own research and tune into these developmental times in their own way.

Officially, the opening ceremony is at 9pm, on the 27th of July.

Here is the chart for this time.

To keep things simple for those of you who are not familiar with Astrology, the thing to keep in mind is that the most important factors in an Astrological chart is the Sun, the Moon, the ‘ruler of the chart’, planets near the cardinal angles and the Cardinal Angles themselves, portraying the cross in the circle or the sunrise, noon, sunset and midnight points of the SUN’S journey.

Ordinarily, casting a chart only involves using our own star and the planets of our solar system. But there is also a tradition of using certain prominent fixed, slow moving stars and seeing where they lie on a given chart.

The first thing that struck me in the 9pm chart was 9° degrees of the sign of Aquarius, coming over the horizon. Note: the number 9 (both time and degree) and the sign of the dawning Aquarian Age. The chart also has the Moon in the 9th house and both  the Noon (MC) position and the ‘Dragon’s head’ in Sagittarius, the 9th sign of the zodiac.

The Dragon’s head is distinguished in Astrology as the Moon’s  North Node or where eclipses occur. The Dragon is half bird, half reptile and symbolically joins together the Earth and the Sky.

As the symbolism unfolds, the number 9 and the number 5 will be popping up all over the place. The opening ceremony begins at 9pm on the 27th – which is 2+7 = 9.  And, funnily enough, not only was the actual budget for this opening ceremony quoted as  £27 million (2+7 = 9) but the entire Olympic budget was £81 million 8+1=9.

The number 9  has always had powerful connotations. It is the number of Mars, the god of war. It represents authority in the realms of mind, body and spirit (3+3+3).

The power of 9 empowers one to be the AUTHOR of their own experience.

The number 5, on the other hand, is the number of the mercurial mind, Mercury the trickster. 5 confers versatility, cleverness and quick wit. 5 combines 2ness (mind) with 3ness (spirit).

At the Midnight position in the 9pm chart we find the planet Jupiter at 9° degrees, in Gemini, aligned with the eye of  the bull, the fixed star Aldebaran – one of the most powerful stars in the sky.  Aldebaran has the reputation for conferring honor, courage and success but if integrity is compromised then all will be lost. Aldebaran is one of the four “Guardians of Heaven” –  watching over other stars. It formed one of the four royal stars of Persia as “Watcher of the East”. Aldebaran was associated with the Archangel Michael who was the military commander of t6he angelic host. This star marks the actual hidden ‘raisond’être’ for the whole affair.

At the top of the chart, at Noon (MC) position we have the Mid-Heaven, aligned with the fixed star Antares which is the heart of the Scorpion.  Antares suggests great success but the ‘success’ can be its own undoing. Antares is the  another Royal Star called the‘Watcher of West’.

Another chart which is highly significant for this event is the ‘pre-ceremony’ which begins at twelve minutes past eight in the evening – 20:12 – commencing with the striking of the gargantuan 23 tonne bell – (Note that the 2 + 3 = 5 and that 2012 itself, adds up to 5)

Midnight position bottom of chart marked IC – 25°32′ Taurus

If you want to increase the power of a manifestation in the physical world, the four fixed ‘Royal Stars’ are the ones that you would want to be prominent in the sky at it’s birth. All togetherthey are: Regulus in LEO, Formalhaut nr. AQUARIUS, Antares in SCORPIO and Aldebaran in TAURUS.  (Many connect these stars to the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse)

Hence, the 9 o’clock chart for the opening ceremony – having both Antares and Aldebaran on the vertical axis suggests a bid for power – as in a magical act or ritual.

The practise of aligning events and constructions to heavenly bodies to bring down their benefices is as ancient as the pyramids and beyond.

Imagine the stars as representing an abstract idea   ‘As Above’  that gathers thoughts until it condenses into a physical manifestation  ‘So Below’.  Another way of putting this, is that these powerful stars back up ones INTENT, creating a vortex that will attract energy unto itself.

So, with that in mind, if we look at the 20:12 chart, that marks the sounding of the bell, at the very beginning of the ‘pre-show’ – we can see something that could be interpreted as very sinister.

At ’Midnight’ position, which represents the foundation of an event – we find Algol, the most infamous star of them all!  In Arabic it is called Ra’s al Ghul, which translates as THE DEMON HEAD.

In  Heinrich Cornelious Agrippa’s (a German magician, occult writer, theologian, astrologer and alchemist) table of Behenian fixed stars, Algol is found at 26° degrees of Taurus the BULL.

Also please note: On the first line, Algol is allocated the gemstone of DIAMOND which brings to mind the Taurean, Queen Elizabeth II and the celebration this year of her Diamond Jubilee!

The Arabs saw this ‘Demon Head’ to be the wife of the devil.  In Talmudic Law she is the first wife of Adam, Lilleth who left him because she refused to be submissive to his needs.  In Greek mythology the star is found in the head of The Gorgon Medusa.

Here is a quote from Bernadette Brady’s book: ‘Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars’ –

‘She (Lilleth), was considered a curse since she gave sexual pleasure and was the cause of all male wet-dreams.  This eventually led, in the Jewish, Muslim and Christian cultures to the suppression in the male, of all sexual pleasure, which then led to the suppression of the sexual woman.  Algol, thus embodied, everything that men feared in the feminine.  She is not the mother face of the Goddess but rather the passionate ‘Lover’ or the ‘Whore’ – She is female Kundalini energy.

 In other words, Algol is the wild, raw, frightening face of the outraged feminine, which has been labelled as demonic or simply evil.’

Algol or Ra’s Al Ghul is directly opposing the Moon in the 9pm chart and is on the Midnight angle at 25°degrees 32ʹ minutes Taurus in the 20:12 chart. This angle represents the ‘hidden’, the dark, the unconscious. Aligned with Algol we are looking at a strong, intense, sexually charged, destructive power, underpinning the ‘vibrational frequency’ of the event.

Additionally, the Moon (representing the people) is in Scorpio, the sign of ‘Destruction and/or Transformation’. The Moon’s position at the highest point of the chart highlights its importance as well as its direct opposition to the star Algol.

Oppositions in Astrology create a tremendous build up of energy.  One could almost predict that there’s going to be some incredible athletic achievements for those athletes who are able to tap into this type of energy.

By the way, here are a few more 5’s – in both charts, the pre-show and the opening ceremony the Sun is at 5° degrees, Leo. Leo is important because it is the flip side of Aquarius, the upcoming AGE.  Leo is also the 5th sign in the Zodiac.

Aquarius represents generic MAN or MANKIND while Leo the sign opposite ‘MAN’ portrays the ‘BEAST’, the instinctual creative side of an individual.

LEO represents the individual or ‘one I or eyed man’ – not divided into many ‘I’s. Leo is ruled by the Sun whose symbol is a circle with a dot in the middle. Not unlike the Olympic mascots Wenlock and Mandeville.

Now here is an interesting little numerological and word play coincidence with these two drops of steel. (ArcelorMittal Orbit anyone? Made by a steel magnate?)

This is a classic numerology table.

Check out the letters under the number 5 and rearrange them; WEN, NEW.

WEN (555) – LOCK or NEW LOCK

MAN (415)  – DEVIL(LE)

This will just be ‘stuff and nonsense’ connections to the average left brain BUT to the artistic and holistic right brain this is imagery that grows exponentially like in an inspired artist’s mind. The right brain will play with these words, and the images that they invoke, and in doing so will align with the frequency of their symbolic nature.

The left brain, only interested in facts, will see – Wenlock/Mandeville – 2 Olympic Mascots, 2 towns associated with steel manufacture and the Olympics.

The right brain will see such things as WEN NEW LOCK MAN AM DEVIL LIVED EVIL, VILE , one-eyed monsters and so on.

At this point it may interest the reader to recall Da vinci’s Vitruvian MAN. He stands outstretched in a circle dividing the circle by 5 which results in 72 (7+2=9) degree divisions. MAN has a very strong connection to the number 5, the 5 pointed star, 5 fingers, 5 toes, 5 senses and so on. (7-2=5)

Now consider man’s heart rate is on average 72 beats per minute and the sun precedes against the backdrop of the constellations 1° degree every 72 years. Also that the Earth itself inclines to her orbit by 23.5° degrees.

And just to drive the numerology nail firmly in place…the participants will include 50 nurses and 900 children!



On further examination of these charts, it suddenly struck me that the massacre in Aurora, Colorado maybe connected to the symbolism because Ra’s-al-Ghul (ALGOL) is the name of a character in the Batman series and films played by the actor Liam Neeson. Also creatures of the night or the dark, like bats and scorpions, are strongly associated with unconscious or dark emotional forces associated with the sign of Scorpio and the Lunar deities.

In the ‘world’ of Batman – Ra’s-al-Ghul is an international, immortal, eco-terrorist who believes that humanity is a scourge on the planet and he seeks the destruction of all modern society.

When I cast the chart for the 20th of July, 00.30, CST, Aurora, Colorado, USA – I was astounded! – Guess who was smack on the Sunrise point? – You got it! – Ra’s-al-Ghul – ‘The Demon’s Head.’

             Sunrise position – marked AC left – 25°degrees Taurus

N.B. AURORA is the Roman goddess of the DAWN. The dawn is the sunrise point with Algol rising! You can’t make this up!

To an astrologer anything on the Ascendant, or Sunrise point – indicates an act of initiation.  So if one is initiating Ra’s al Ghul – one is initiating the power of the feminine outrage. Another way of putting it, is that the event has the face of The Gorgon Medusa or the Demon Head.

The title of the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ can be understood as a ‘dark night’ coming. How like The Medusa to bring darkness, the unconscious, by turning those who saw her into stone, engendering FEAR with her rage!

(By the way, in Greek mythology Medusa was turned into the snake-haired demon by Athena, as punishment, for having sex with Neptune in her temple. Athena represents female rationality, her temple the left brain and Neptune, the holistic right brain. Medusa committed the sin of infiltrating rationality with feeling.)

The four fixed stars I referred to earlier – the Royal Stars – are associated with the four fixed signs of the zodiac; Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. These appear on the Cardinal Angles in the Aurora event chart.  The Vertical axis is on the Aquarius/Leo line and the Moon is in Leo, at an angle, making her very powerful.

Remember that any planet at an angle is increased in strength.

Almost 24 hours before the shooting, there was a new moon in Cancer – which is also the sign of ‘people’ as well as ‘home’, ‘community’, ‘family’. On the chart the Leo Moon was in the House of Cancer, reinforcing home, family and community.

And one detail that really beggar’s belief is that the perpetrator’s name was HOLMES!

What does it mean that the Moon had heightened power on that day?  It means that the more powerful the Moon – the more the event will impact upon the public. Remember that in an astrology chart for an event, as opposed to an object or a person’s birth chart, the moon always represents the common people.

This tragedy in Aurora, Colorado, occurred on the 20th of July, exactly one week before the opening ceremony of the Olympics.

If there’s a pattern emerging connecting these events to Lunar Phases, then it may be worth paying attention to what happens on the full Moon on the 2nd  of August.



In the U.K on the 27th of July – (day of the opening ceremony) at 08.12 in the morning the nation is being asked to participate in an event entitled ‘All The Bells’

Of course as soon as I found that out I cast the chart. Unbelievably our now familiar friend, Ra’s Al Ghul appears smack on the Mid Heaven, the highest cardinal point of the sky. The Mid heaven represents the culmination, the goal of the event. And Virgo the sign of The Woman is at Sunrise point. One way of reading that is that the bell ringing event begins with the nurturing corn goddess (Virgo) and as a result of all that cacophonous bell ringing she becomes Quasimodo (the hunchback of Notre Dame) in a murderous rage. Hmmmm –

N.B. Noon position – MC – top of chart – 25° 32′ Taurus

Martin Creed is the Turner Prize winning artist who is responsible for the nationwide bell ringing which starts at 8:12 am and goes on for 3 minutes. (adds up to 5, don’t you know) It is called ‘Work No. 1197 (adds up to 9 of course)

And because you just can’t make this stuff up – Martin Creed won the Turner Prize for an exhibit of an empty room in which the lights turned on and off at 5 second intervals!

Now let’s take a look at the symbolism of the Bell itself that will be rung at 20:12 on the 27th.

The bell weighs 23 tonne and is 2 meters tall and 3 meters wide – more 5’s.

The bell is inscribed with a quote from Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ spoken by the main protagonist, a character called Caliban. It reads:

“Be not afeard, the isle is full of noises.”

And this Britain Isle will be full of clanging bells on the 27th. But what is really intriguing is what the verse, the quote is taken from, is saying. (The verse, by the way,  is from Act 2 Scene 3.)  Here’s a few more lines from the verse.

“Sometimes a thousand twangling instruments

 Will hum about mine ears; and sometimes voices,

That, if I then had waked after long sleep,

Will make me sleep again;

And then in dreaming,

The clouds me thought would open, and show riches,

Ready to drop upon me that, when I waked,

I cried to dream again.”

The Tempest – William Shakespeare.

In The Tempest, Caliban is part man and part beast.  (Hints of the Aquarian Man/Leo Lion Age.)  Apparently, he is the son of the devil himself and the demoness, Sycorax.  Sound familiar?  Remember the gorgon Medusa a.k.a. the Demon’s Head?

In Arabian folklore, the ghūl or demon, dwells in cemeteries and other uninhabited places. The ghul is a devilish type of DJINN believed to be sired by a disobedient angel or devil called Iblis.

A ghoul is a desert-dwelling shape-shifting demon that can assume the guise of an animal. It lures unwary people into the desert or abandoned places to slay and devour them.

Please note, that in the verse, the noises are actually making people go back to sleep.

In ‘The Tempest’ Caliban was called a mooncalf, half fish, half monster by the servant Stephano.

Here is a definition of moon calf:

A mooncalf (or moon-calf) is the abortive foetus of a cow or other farm animal. The term was occasionally applied to an abortive human foetus.

The term derives from the formerly widespread superstition, present in many European folk traditions, that such malformed creatures were the product of the sinister influence of the Moon on foetal development

To sum up this section: we have an inscription on a bell, rung at a major event, at 20:12 pm in the year 2012, quoted from a play about power struggles and enslaving spirits, by a monster mooncalf, who cajoles us to not be afraid of the noises on the island.

In Astrology, the Moon is empowered in the sign of Taurus the Bull (calf). But in the 20:12 chart the Moon is in the opposite sign of Scorpio positioned at the APEX  of the chart opposing the infamous star Algol that is in the sign of Taurus .

This could be interpreted as the Medusa/Algol/Ra’s Al Ghul in Taurus opposing or taking the power from the visibly weakened Lunar people. But it can also be seen as advice for the people to claim their power back out of their repressed rage.


Another facet of this interesting web of connections is that a musician called Howard Skempton was commissioned to compose bell ringing music for the Olympics called Five Rings Triples.

You can find out more about this at the website of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers.

The following is an excerpt from this site:

Five Rings – Where possible, you should try to ring Five Ring Triples (or Five Ring Doubles in a 5 or 6 bell tower) at some time during the Olympic year. The method has been specially composed for the Olympics by the musician Howard Skempton, working with the Central Council. The ‘Five Rings’ in the title symbolises the Olympic logo, and also reflects the fact that the Treble strikes five blows in 3rds when hunting up and 5 blows in 5ths hunting down. That unusual feature of the Treble’s path is what generates the method’s unique musical character.

You can ring whatever your band is capable of, but there are some special methods that are particularly appropriate.

I found this interesting in lieu of the fact that ‘change ringing’ as opposed to just clanging one bell was developed during Shakespeare’s time during the Renaissance.

Wouldn’t you say that was the last time of a major global awakening?

Check this out from this blog:

Around the Shakespeare‘s time in the 17th century, Change Ringing spread across the English country from bell tower to bell tower .  The English Art of bell ring was born.  Boozed up youth would play out an ordered mathematical series on tuned bells.  After a predefined number of cycle, the order is changed.  This is the same idea as modern Frequency Shift Keying except better.  It has inbuilt error correction. (N.B. 5 bells in the illustration)


So I looked up this frequency shift keying…

Frequency-shift keying (FSK) is a frequency modulation scheme in which digital information is transmitted through discrete frequency changes of a carrier wave.

Digital information transmitted via ringing bells? Hmmmmm…

 I encourage, anyone reading this that is now fascinated by all these connections to do some research on ‘The Shard’ with its opening laser ceremony on July 5th and its 72 habitable floors; as well as the ArcelorMittal Orbit (the steel Helter Skelter construction at the entrance of the Olymic stadium) with its 455 steps up a spiral stair ( 4+5+5= 14=5 ) and ability to accommodate 5,000 visitors a day.


In conclusion, I will say that all these symbols are very thought provoking. One can’t help but feel that all these signs and numbers are pointing to something important. It is possible that we are being told that a spell is being cast that is going to set the tone for the ‘New Age’ or New World Order’. These signs could be pointing to a hidden agenda that will not be beneficial except for the few. They could be a huge wake up call – but who takes the time to research this for themselves – and therefore who is getting the call?

I know from my own experience of being a type of futurist that as soon as you bring the hidden factors into consciousness the game plan tends to alter. I imagine the Olympic game plans of those who are working in a nefarious way, to use the Olympics to promote their own hidden agendas and bids for power, have already been tweeked quite a bit considering all the information being brought to light on the internet.

Saying that I can’t help but feel, after digesting all this info and studying other very powerful astrological aspects, that something will happen over the next few years, unexpected and potent, that will bring about a change of some magnitude.

Symbols can be seen as visual frequencies as differing from audio frequency (cymbals!) The right artistic brain doesn’t compartmentalise and the senses are interchangeable.

Your left analytical side may be dismissing all the numerology and astrology merely as coincidence, as it tends to do – but the holistic side of your mind is taking everything in as a conceptual abstract. This side of the mind is creative – influence the creative side of the mind and that is what will be experienced.

‘THEY’ have always known the power of symbols and have used them accordingly.

“One Ring to rule them all. One Ring to find them. One Ring to bring them all and in the Darkness bind them.”

Author’s note: I would like to thank and acknowledge all the hard work and contributions by Ayem without whom this article would have never come to completion.